Primary Section / 1st Quarter (55 Working Days)

Date Description
9th March, 2020
31st May, 2020
1st Day of school 9th March, 2020 (Monday)

Holidays During 1st Quarter
=> 23rd March, (Monday),2020 (Pakistan Day)
=> 1st May, (Friday) 2020 (Labour Day)
=> 24th May-27th May, 2020 likely (Sunday to Wednesday) (Eid-ul-Fitar)

Special Days Celebration:
=> World water day 20th March (Friday)
=> Green day 27th March, (Friday)
=> World health day 7th April (Tuesday)
=> Earth day 22nd April (Wednesday)
=> World Library day 23rd April (Thursday)
=> National Honesty day 30th April (Thursday)
=> Mother day 8th May, (Friday)

1st Quarter Assessment & PTC
=> 1st Quarter Assessment 18th May 2020 (Monday)
=> Parent Teacher Conference 30th May 2020, (Saturday)

2nd Quarter (52 Working Days)

Date Description
17th August, 2020
31st October, 2020
1st Day: 17th August (Monday)

Holidays During 2nd Quarter
=> 21st August likely (Friday) 1st Muharram
=> 28th & 29th August,2020 likely (Friday, Saturday) (Ashoora days)
=> 30th October, likely (Friday) (Eid Milad-un-Nabi)

Special Days Celebration:
=> World smile day 2nd October (Friday)
=> Teacher’s day 5th October (Monday)
=> Global Hand Wash day 15th October (Thursday)
=> Quiz competition 20th October (Tuesday)

2nd Quarter Assessment & PTC
=> 2nd Quarter Assessment 22nd October (Thursday)
=> 2nd Parent Teacher Conference 31st October Saturday

3rd Quarter (38 Working Days)

Date Description
2nd November
24th December
1st Day: 2nd November (Monday)

=> Holidays During 3rd Quarter
=> 25th December to onward Winter Vacations

Special Days Celebration:
=> Look for circles (INTERNATIONAL DAY) 2nd November (Monday)
=> Iqbal Day 9th November (Monday)
=> “I love to write” day 14th November (Saturday)
=> Card playing day 24th December (Thursday)

3rd Quarter Assessment & PTC
=> 3rd Quarter Assessment 18th December (Friday)
=> 3rd Parent Teacher Conference 31st December (Thursday)
=> 24th December will be the last working day of 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter (30 Working Days)

Date Description
11th January 2021
28th February 2021
1st Day: 11th December (Monday)

Holidays During 3rd Quarter
=> 5th Feb. 2020 (Kashmir Day) Friday

Special Days Celebration:
=> International Day of Education 22nd January (Friday)
=> Puzzle day 29th January (Friday)
=> Quiz competition 10th February (Wednesday)

3rd Quarter Assessment & PTC
=> 4th Quarter Assessment 15th February (Monday)
=> Result announcement 26th February (Friday)
=> Annual Parent Teacher Conference 27th February (Saturday)


24th May, 2020
16th August, 2020
SUMMER VACATION (including Eid-ul-Azha) for session 2020-21
25th December, 2020
10th January, 2021
WINTER VACATION for session 2020-21
24th May, 2020
27th May, 2020
EID-UL-FITAR VACATION for session 2020-21