Wonder Time

With the discovery of Wonder time we approach kids to explore things, the climatically changes, testing various ability & learning the principals of tasks by doing them in which we believe to enhance the problem solving skills by encouraging to investigate the solutions of scientific manifestations in which kids can learn new innovative things to conduct the phrase of analytical minds.

Circle Time

Circle time is the versatile state of teaching 21stcentury skills of Healthy Communication in which they can learn the sort of respect to each other & know the essentiality of discipline as well as critical thinking that enhances the ability of problem-solving skills under the guidance of compassionate teacher in which kids can enhance the sort of creativity by utilizing the prop that can help to learn about the principals of team work & boost the confidence to engage themselves in various tasks to accomplish them indigenously.

Choice Time

The creativity of children is boundless; they can perform their various level of creativity via choosing various medium in which they can enhance their problem-solving skills. They can engage themselves by exploring story books, creating masterpieces by blocks as well as they can play with dough to mould their innovative ideas or draw their ideas via crayons on drawing sheets to fill the innovative vibes amongst every corner of classroom. It helps to boost the skills of Decision making in which they can make decisions for the better tomorrow.

Share and Tell

The motive of this session is to magnify the confidence of sharing experiences, likes & dislikes to the teachers in which kids can get more innovative ideas to accomplish the task as well as it also helps in the phrase of communication skills that develops the sound quality in which they can involve themselves in the term of various pioneering skills that enhances the terminology of caring & respect each other prospective which is essential in the growth of innovative young minds.

Fun with Fitness

Kids learn better via sports, it boosts confidence to take part in various activities & leadership built leadership qualities. The term of sportsmanship empowers the phrase of friendliness with each other to support each other & helps to improves physical & mental Health for the better learning each state that encourage the socializing skills with each other to develop the self-confidence for the great team work.

Music and Movement

The program of Music & Movements boosts the speaking skills to build the creative portion for the great coordination with each other in which they can enhance their communication skills as well as it helps them in their learning with the fresh mindset.