At HOPE SCHOOLING SYSTEM we recognize that parents can add a lot of value to the schooling of their children when engaged properly. From the outset we've tried to develop a parent partnership program that gives interested parents an opportunity to contribute to their child's schooling. Parents can participate in school every day and parents are always welcome at the school.
There is regular school parent interaction in a number of ways:

•   We hold a Parent Orientation at the start of every academic year.
•   There are regular parent teacher conferences and Open Days at the end of each quarter, when parents are invited to view their child's work and discuss his/her progress.
•   There are walk-in times at the Primary level and parents are encouraged to make appointments with subject teachers at the senior level.
•   There is a regular communication through detailed circulars, children's school diaries and the website.
•   Finally, the Principal, Academic Coordinators, teachers, and staff are always available, by appointment, to discuss the progress or welfare of the children.