Core values of the HOPE SCHOOLING SYSTEM, Haripur. With the venture of aiming to ensure that the fundamental of the core values permeate in The HOPE MONTESSORI that becomes part of our lives.

Love For All - (We cultivate love in the term of Education)

We at the HOPE MONTESSORI & SCHOOLING SYSTEM with the vision of nourishing children within compassionate & warmth atmosphere in which kids can perform well & knows the value of humbleness within us.

Respect - (We Care others as we expect to be treated)

In the term of giving respect & integrity The HOPE MONTESSORI appreciate each & every capabilities of various kids & empowers the ideologies of creative young minds with the accomplishments of friendly & thoughtful manner the essentiality of teaching about respect & compassionateness is necessary for the growth of young innovative minds.

Self Discipline - (We acquire to command themselves)

With the ace of believing that it is necessity to enhance the terminology of wise & right choices of making decisions that will enhances the problem-solving skills in which The HOPE MONTESSORI & SCHOOLING SYSTEM empowers the decision of self-esteem inclusion of the qualities of self-discipline is essential for the growth of the kids.

Honesty - (We are leading in the term of Honest, Transparent & Ethical)

We at The HOPE believes that the honesty is the vital foundation of teaching so that kids can learn the principals of being honest & doing the right things even when no one’s eyes on you is the true bases of teaching the values of integrity.