Our Vision

HOPE’s aims to provide a safe and supportive environment in which students can develop academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically into global citizens who can face the challenges of the future. “Empowering the Creativity of young minds is the base in the term of development of kids”.

About us

With the ace of providing the new era of innovative learning HOPE MONTESSORI in KTS is on the mark of providing the revolutionary way of learning via enhancing the portion of creativity of young minds as the research says the period between the age of 3-6 is the year of maximum growth of brain in which kids have the maximum efficiency to learn & grasp more innovative things to develop the all-rounder skills in various sort of learning in which we prefer to teach them about the necessity of sensitivity, compassionate ability, development in sound, problem solving skills in the term of various creative activities in which kids will able to respect each other, understands each other & share the skills of sharing & caring as well as mentoring them patiently is the portion of appreciation of us. In which we prepare the sessions & the classes according to the imagination of kids or their age groups. We care about the creative side of our young generation that’s why we are here from all sort of caring them as the class of discovery provides each & every prop to play & learn with them like:

Enhancing the counting skills by colorful cards & toys, creating innovative with dough, that makes the young generations mind more curious about new things as well as learn the nature of humbleness & respect to the elder ones & each other that can modify them into a great human.